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Roof-repair tips: How to fix leaks and broken shingles.

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 Roof-repair tipsHow to fix leaks and broken shingles.
Some roof problems are clearly for experts, but you should be able to fix minor leaks and broken shingles yourself. Here are some DIY roof tips, plus useful safety advice for when you get that ladder out.
It’s amazing how many small structural things can go wrong around your house. Whether it’s the front-door lock, that won’t let you into your own home or the cracked window, that won’t keep the cold out, small household problems can have a big effect. For most of these, there’s no need to call for a repair professional — the solution lies in tapping your ingenuity and using a few common household materials in innovative ways. Even when it seems that the roof is falling in  or the floor is opening up beneath you — there are often simple ways to solve larger problems on your own.
1. Go with the pro. Assessing a roof leak.
Some overhead leaks are due to minor problems — such as a single torn shingle or a small hole in flashing — that you can usually handle with a little DIY experience and some basic tools. But in other situations call for a roofer’s expertise. If you can’t fix the problem quickly and completely, call a professional as soon as possible; water damage spreads quickly, even from a small leak. A licensed roofer is best when:
  • There are multiple leaks.
  • The leak is wicking across framing members or along walls, making it difficult for you to trace the source.
  • A repair you made is not holding.
  • The leak entails significant damage to roofing surface or flashed areas.
  • The roof surface, such as ceramic tile roof, is beyond your abilities.
2. Shingles bar: A bad storm has damaged a shingle on your roof; you need to protect the roof from further damage by way of the compromised shingle.
The quick fixGather a tube of roofing cement and a piece of aluminum flashing (available at home centers). Cut the flashing about 1 inch narrower than the ripped tab and about 4 inches longer so that it extends under the tabs on either side. Use a flat pry bar to carefully loosen the damaged tab and the tabs to the left and right. Next, apply two or three thick beads of roofing cement to the surface beneath the shingle.
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Thursday, 15 January 2015

KNK RooFix. Oakville .

KNK RooFix is proud to bring all the information you need to make the proper selection. We know it is usually not easy to choose the proper contractor and we will provide you our honest guidance and absolutely nothing more. After you evaluate all the information provided, it’s only remaining for you to choose who you want to hire
We offer you the following services: roof repairs, reroofing and roof inspection. We operate in the whole Greater Toronto Area (GTA): Mississauga, Brampton, Georgetown, Oakville, Burlington, Milton, North York, Richmond Hill, Markham, Scarborough, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, Vaughan.
Experience & Knowledge !!!
When you choose KNK RooFix you not only get our commitment to excellence, you also get our vast knowledge base. Our average crew member has over 8 years of roofing experience; many of our roofers have been in the trade for 20+ years! Our sales staff has a combined work experience of over 30 years, is familiar with all types of roofing and can offer friendly assistance with all of your roofing needs. Our company is knowledgeable regarding roof design needs and codes in all Toronto areas. We fully back up and warranty all of our work!
Quality Service !!!
At KNK RooFix we believe that a quality roofing job begins with quality service. That is why we assign a project manager to each and every job to oversee it from start to finish. Our project managers have extensive roofing experience and make sure that each project is done correctly—from the delivery of materials to the final roofing inspection. If you are filing a claim with your insurance company, we will work closely with you and your agent to ensure that you are getting a fair and accurate adjustment on your roof!
Many companies offer one or two of these features as part of their service program, few offer all of the advantages listed :
Fixed Price Quotes – Permanent repairs are carried out on the basis of fixed price quotations. The final invoice will be no more or no less than the amount of the quotation. The client knows the final cost and the amount of his invoice before we begin work.
Documentation – All quotations, work orders and invoices are documented with before and after photos of the proposed work and the completed work. With photos the client can verify the work has been completed as quoted and will have copies for his record. For future reference we of course store on our server, copies of all photos taken.
In House Service Staff – We do not hire subcontractors to carry out our work, all work is carried out by KNK RooFix employees. This provides complete control over the quality of work performed and most importantly provides a direct relationship between the service staff and our client.
Safety – The personal safety of our staff is a priority with KNK RooFix. All staff receive an intense safety orientation program prior to beginning work, along with formal fall protection training and level one first aid. Scheduled safety meetings are an integral part of our program. Every work site, no matter how small, requires a written site safety inspection report prior to beginning work. Our staff are instructed not to attempt work situations that appear unsafe.
We have valid Worksafe GTA coverage.
High Visibility – Our service vans are clearly identified, clean, fully equipped, well maintained and our service staff are well groomed and uniformed. This makes it easy for our clients to identify our company, vehicles and staff. No surprises or unknown vehicles and strange personnel showing up at your home or office. We have professional appearance for a service oriented company.
Doing Our Part – Our staff are working hard to help reduce our environmental footprint. Please see our site map for further information on this item.
Guarantee – All single family residential repairs are warranted for as long as you own the home. No small print and strings attached. Liability only extends to the original cost of the repair. They do not cover damage to the building or contents.

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A little bit about our company……

As a leading Toronto/GTA roofer, KNK RooFix is a locally owned and operated, full-service roofing company that is committed to top quality service, repairs, and roof replacements. We specialize in all aspects of residential and commercial roofing in Toronto and surrounding areas at budget friendly prices. We understand that top quality roofing is the most important part and product of our job. We also understand that other issues are also important like timing of the completion, cleanliness and liability coverage.
As a premium Toronto roofing business, we usually finish all projects in under two days. We always protect all the vital objects of your home like flowers, gardens, etc. as well as completely clean-up after our every re-roofing project. It will be worry-free experience no matter how complicated the project is.
Our prompt service, attention to detail, experienced crew, and immaculate safety record is what we’ve built our reputation on and we proudly stand behind our work!
Whether you are looking for a simple leak repair or a complete re-roof in Toronto/GTA, we have the resources to get the job finished on time and on budget.
We understand that every roof has its own character and challenges like the size, slope, number of existing layers present, condition of underlay, construction and others.
As a leading Toronto roofing company Torontohttp://knkroofix.ca/ KNK RooFix inspection and estimate according to your requirements. We never try to sell anything not needed for your roofing project or something you didn’t  request.
KNK RooFix is a fully-licensed contractor in Ontario ( WSIB/CSPAAT ): we are fully insured and bonded, and we strictly follow all current safety standards. We provide the following quality roofing services at competitive prices:
Residential Roofing.
Commercial Roofing.
New Construction.
Tear Offs.
Repairs on all Types of Roofing.
30-40yr, and lifetime shingles.
Free Estimates.
Client Referral.
10yr Workmanship Warranties.